Refund Policy

For paid deposits on Lithium and Lithium PLUS: Deposits are fully refundable up to 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days there is a $20.00 processing fee to cover bank and processing fees that are not recoupable by Sway that time. (This fee does not apply to orders made prior to August 1, 2015, which are fully refundable.) 

Wholesale Reservations are not subject to a processing fee.

To cancel your order and get a refund, please write an email to with "REFUND RESERVATION" in the subject heading and your reservation number in the email for quick processing. We'll get back to you to confirm prior to refunding the reservation.

Deposits will not be used by Sway Motorsports for operational expenses, but are used to gauge market interest in Sway in advance of launch of the production run.

Pricing is subject to change. Delivery is intended, but not guaranteed, for Summer 2016.